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No matter the age or stage of life, anyone can be affected by kidney disease.  A frightening fact, 1 in 10 Canadians have kidney disease and don't know it.  For the most part kidney disease comes on slowly with silent symptoms decreasing kidney function over time. Many factors can contribute to kidney disease including; race, hereditary, age, injury, and preconditions.

Learn About Your Kidneys

Kidneys are remarkable hard-working organs and, their top 5 responsibilities are to remove waste and extra fluid, control blood pressure and pH levels and keeps bones healthy. 

For many, kidney disease symptoms and signs are silent.
 Some people with primary conditions such as diabetes and hypertension can lead to kidney function decline. Blunt force trauma and urinary tract infections can contribute to short-term to permanent damage if not diagnosed and treated. 

Talk with you doctor if you are concerned about your kidney function and overall health. A couple of simple tests can reveal just how well your kidneys are functioning.

Explore Your Kidney Health

Sometimes an injury can occur, putting kidneys under distress and for many the symptoms, and signs are silent until they aren't.

Laboratory and diagnostic imaging can reveal what stage the kidneys are functioning at and if any permanent damage has occurred. Those results will dictate the course of treatment if any, that will be required.

Kids & Kidney Health

There are symptoms and signs all parents need to know and think about when their child is not feeling well.

Trauma to the kidneys can cause temporary and permanent damage. Every year, children and young adults are sent to emergency rooms across Canada for Blunt Force Kidney trauma leaving some with temporary or in some cases permanent damage. 

For some children, either temporarily or as a permanent way of life, will need to follow a kidney-friendly diet to help ensure healthy growth, positive attitude and kidney health.

Living With Kidney Disease

Life with kidney disease is a reality for millions of Canadians of all ages. What they eat, what and how much they drink will impact their whole body. Those on dialysis, even more so. Clearance is a word dialysis patients learn quickly.

True, life with kidney disease does have drawbacks, but it doesn't mean life holds no joy! Following a kidney-friendly diet will be key, along with medications and treatment in aiding in kidneys function.

One can still travel, enjoy a wonderful meal and dance the night away.  All it takes is planning, following guidelines and having a positive attitude.